Kevin J. O'Reilly, Ph.D.

Welcome to our practice at Human Relations Counseling Service!  I am a psychologist who has been practicing in southeastern Connecticut for more than 25 years.  I work with a range of populations, from the needs of young children to those of the elderly.  My practice is a mix of individual psychotherapy for adults, therapy for couples who are having trouble in their relationship, and family therapy for the psychological and developmental problems of children.  I also conduct psychological evaluations for schools and other agencies to help with program planning and treatment considerations.  I have been involved as an expert witness in the courts in the areas of child custody, sexual abuse, mental health and immigration matters.  In addition, I have an interest in helping organizations that are encountering difficulties in managing change and interpersonal relations within the organization.  I am a dynamic workshop leader, capable of organizing a presentation on a variety of topics. 

My original training was in the areas of learning disabilities and school psychology.  As a result, I maintain a strong interest in how young people learn, both in a formal academic sense and in the fabric of their daily lives.  The development of a healthy sense of self is my primary focus in the treatment of adults and children.  I have trained in Gestalt therapy, an experimental therapy which concentrates on one’s present experience.  The aim is to increase self awareness so as to be able to fulfill one’s potential, solve problems effectively, and live with a sense of vitality.  My pledge is to commit to form a partnership with an individual or group in order to find solutions to psychological pain.  To be able to support and nudge a person toward healthy functioning is the most gratifying reward of this work.  It is a joy to witness the pride and self satisfaction that comes when a person feels new healthy behavior in action. 

If you are seeking assistance for some psychological difficulty for yourself, a family member, or an organization, you can reach me by calling to leave a message at the answering service number listed on this page.  I will return your call within a 24-hour time frame.